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Student Spotlight

    Kim & Jamie

    "We met Kim in a CCW course and her beau Jamie a few months later. Since then, they have regularly attended our Foundry events, our 4th of July competition and are already signed up for TRIG-GORE-TREAT. A great couple to have in class, excellent marksmen and loyal ADAPT students! " - LB

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Staff Corner

  • Eric Loden

    Hello, my name is Eric. Welcome to our community. As a member of the ADAPT team, I work to further our collective interests and goals of providing firearms education and defensive training for all wishing to learn. If you would like to know more about the Faculty and Associates here at ADAPT then please click here.


ADAPT Academy

The Academy of Defensive and Protective Training

Las Vegas, Nevada

ADAPT is a private educational institution offering a full range of programs and courses focused on professional development of Military, Law Enforcement, Private Security, Shooting Sports, and Personal Defense.




Our concealed weapon course is much different from the "standard" courses we see offered by other gun stores out there. We are proud to offer more practical hands-on training than anyone else out there. With only 3-4 hours of lecture and 4-5 hours of actual range time rather than 7.5 hours of lecture and only shooting the minimum amount to qualify.

This class meets all requirements set forth by the Nevada Sheriffs' and Chiefs Association to obtain a Nevada Concealed weapons permit.


State Reciprocity Laws allow carrying in *34 States with the Nevada permit (as of 8/15/2016)* Some States do not require a permit at all. *Please check often as statues change regularly*


NV CFP: For more information on this course click here.



Foundry Promo

Foundry Sessions: For more info click here.

Building students to be weapons. This is the time to forge skill sets! These 4+ hour training sessions are designed to instill skills and begin to harden the warrior within. All skill levels welcome!

All sessions will begin with a safety briefing, then basic instructions. With each exercise introduced the participants are encouraged to perform at their skill level and push it to the next.

Whether you are new to firearms or an experienced shooter these training sessions will keep your skills up to date.



A.D.A.P.T. Shield
More about ADAPT




*Disclaimer: ADAPT is an official NRA affiliate however this is not an official NRA website.*


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