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Nevada Concealed Firearms Permit Course

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This class meets all requirements set forth by the Nevada Sheriff and Chiefs Association to obtain a Nevada Concealed Firearms Permit.

(Course may be offered in split sessions, check Course Calendar for available options.)

If you need to re-qualify for your currently expiring CFP and do not need to attend the full 8 hour course please follow this link. NV CFP Re-qualification Course

Minimum age for course attendance is 12 years old.
Classroom time: 3-4 hours
Lunch break: 1 hour (only applies to 9 hour session)(lunch is not provided) Click here to see a map of food vendors in the area.
Range time: 4-5 hours

Permit applications will only be issued to those over the age of 20. Applications are only valid for 1 year from course date.

In addition to your Nevada application you may apply for your Florida permit please follow this link.
Download: Application for concealed weapons license for the State of Florida
The certificate issued upon completion is your proof of attendance in a 8 hour firearms safety course, which is required to apply for Florida.

*Not an NRA approved course. However most States recognize this as an approved safety course as it is conducted by a certified NRA Law Enforcement Instructor. Eric Loden: NRA Law Enforcement Instructor # 161586983

Topics include:

  • Firearms safe handling and storage
  • Federal, State, and Local laws
  • Prohibited areas (Quick reference page, FAQ)
  • Criminal and Civil liability and the aftermath of a shooting incident
  • Basic tactics
  • Situational awareness, De-escalation, and threat avoidance
  • Loading/Unloading, Grip, Stance, Marksmanship, and diagnostic techniques
  • Concealed carry options and presentation methods
  • Rules of Engagement (legal and appropriate use of force in response to a violent threat)
  • Defensive marksmanship (the balance between speed and accuracy)
  • Survival Sequence (surviving the initial encounter, and beyond)
Required Equipment needed:
  • 100 rounds of ammunition for qualifying weapon.
  • 1 Gun (We strongly encourage you to come study with the weapon you plan on carrying for self defense.) [If you need to rent a weapon please follow this link. Rental Weapons Packages]
    • (Effective October 1st, 2013, pursuant to Senate Bill 76 applicants need only to qualify with one weapon in order to carry both semi-automatics and revolvers.)
  • 2 Magazines/ or 2 speed-loaders for the gun
  • A Hat with brim and wrap-around eye and hearing protection
Additional Equipment recommended:
  • 1 Holster (To view our Approved and Recommended Holster page click here.)
  • 1 Magazine Pouch
  • 1 Sturdy Belt
  • 1 Gun
  • 3 Magazines/speed-loaders for the gun
Fees paid to ADAPT

$20 Range Fee payable upon arrival to class with cash, card, or check (checks made payable to "ADAPT Group LLC"
*Attention: Reservation Rescheduling Fee of $25.00 for any individual that DOES NOT provide us with 72 hour notice that they need to reschedule.*
**All courses are subject to cancellation if minimum attendance requirements are not met. All students will be notified of any cancellations as soon as possible.**

Associated documents:

LVMPD CFP Application (New revision with updated fees 09/14/2016)

The fees paid to LVMPD are as follows: (updated fee list can be found here)
1. New Application -- $98.25
2. Renewal Application -- $63.25
3. Late Renewal Application -- $78.25
4. Renewal Application (more than 120 days late) -- $98.25
5. Name Change -- $25.00
6. Duplicate Permit/Late Fee/Address Change -- $15.00
7. Additional Fingerprint Cards For Out Of State Applications $14.00 For The First Card, $2.00 For Each Additional Card

*Fees to LVMPD may be paid by credit/debit cards, cash, money order or cashier’s check.
State Reciprocity Laws allow carrying in the following States with the Nevada permit (as of 08/15/2016 *Please check often as statues change.

Nevada Sheriffs and Chiefs Association Training Standards

http://handgunlaw.us or http://www.usafirearmtraining.com/

Nevada (Resident) (Marked in Green)
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To view our Course reservation procedure, and Cancellation and Refund Policy please click here.

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* * * * * by Darren Mark Dec 28 2014 03:41 PM

Great class! The instructors - Eric and AJ and others were experienced and patient in their instructions and supervision. Time seemed to fly by as I was engaged in the course. It was a fun class overall. Highly recommend this to anyone wanting to get their CCW.